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Safedrive currently provide driving instructor training and franchises over a large part of the country, select an area below for further details.

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Fleet Training

Safedrive Fleet & Instructor Training are specialist providers of driver training. Our courses include fleet driver assessment, eco driving skills, trailer training and driving instructor training.

Here at Safedrive we pride ourselves on the quality of our driver training and have a proven track record of high quality driver training across a wide range of specialist areas. We have a comprehensive network of trainers across the country who are sure to be able to meet your driver training needs. If you have any questions or queries we would only be too happy to try and help so give us a call free on 0800 389 5302.

Driving Instructor Training

We offer Driving Instructor Training and our courses are tailored to suit you and your needs. No two trainees have the same needs so no two driving instructor courses are the same. Our ADI training can be done around your current job or lifestyle and is done in your local area so there is no need to trek miles and miles just to receive training.

Fleet Driver Assessment & Training

Our fleet driver assessment service protects you and your business from prosecution under the Corporate Homicide, Corporate Manslaughter and more recently the Health & Safety (offences) Act 2008. This invaluable service can save your company a lot of money in the future and improve the quality of your employees driving.

Road Risk Management

Does your business have a road risk management plan? How sure are you that you know the speed limits for the vehicles you and your employees drive? Are the 'smoking in vehicles' laws now a thing of the past? Do you have a policy on rest periods, preferred routes, mobile phones, break downs, collisions, maintenance? All of these things need considering as soon as you ask any employee to drive as part of their work.

Eco Driving

Our eco driving service is designed to save your business up to 15% of your fuel bills. The course often pays for itself in a matter of months, going on saving you money year on year, and as fuel prices are set to rise yet again in the future your savings go up and up too. Green driving can save you money on your fuel or petrol bills if you are an everyday motorist too.

Trailer Training Courses

Trailer towing laws changed in 1997, this was so poorly publicised that even now over 3/4 of the people who come to us for trailer towing training have been driving without the correct licence - in other words - illegally. We offer several trailer training courses to suit different levels of experience and can offer joint sessions to train company employees.

Why Safedrive for franchises and training?

  • Caring, dedicated and talented team.
  • Over 10 years industry experience.
  • Our number one goal is to help your business grow
  • Trusted by instructors all over Britain.
  • Flexible start up packages.